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Build Your Child Up One Step At A Time In Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

Are you looking for a great way to challenge your child and build them up with skills for all aspects of life? Then come see us today at Prospect Martial Arts today! We're offering students all across Prospect and Waterbury a chance to have fun and learn something new every day. 

No prior experience is required!

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What Makes Our Kids Martial Arts Program So Special?

At Prospect Martial Arts, you'll quickly see that we care about the success of every child who walks through our doors. We work hard to help our students develop the best blend of mental, physical, and emotional tools and we use our high-energy Kids Martial Arts classes as a vehicle to help them do it.

Our training includes hands-on instruction and an exciting belt progression system that can help students stay motivated week after week.

We're offering everyone in Waterbury and Prospect the chance to learn:

  • Leadership and teamwork skills
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Bully prevention tools 
  • Courage and perseverance

PLUS, Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Can Help Your Child Develop Incredible Athleticism

We work hard to make sure our students learn the ins and outs of traditional martial arts strategies. And with that, we also help them develop athletic skills that can carry over into any sport or hobby.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes teach students how to challenge their bodies and get the most out of every movement. Test drive our program with a 4 Class Quick-Start Confidence Course trial by clicking here!

In no time, your child can take on:

  • Strength and coordination
  • Agility and body control 
  • Lifelong habits of physical activity
  • Complete self-confidence  

Take On The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes In All Of Waterbury And Prospect!

Give your child the best chance to succeed with our Kids Martial Arts classes. We're proud to serve families all across Waterbury and Prospect and we can't wait for your child to be next.

Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about everything we have to offer here at Prospect Martial Arts!

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