Waterbury Family Martial Arts Classes

Train Together And Have A Blast In Our Family Martial Arts Classes

At Prospect Martial Arts, we are proud to bring families all across our community together for an experience like no other. Our Family Martial Arts classes include exciting instruction for kids, parents, and everyone in between! 

We're offering families all across Waterbury, Prospect, and beyond have a blast. 

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Why Is Our Family Martial Arts Training Right For You?

At Prospect Martial Arts, we value the role families can play in our community and we are proud to offer an environment where those families can train together and have a blast.

Our Family Martial Arts classes offer fundamental training in the traditional martial arts disciplines. We focus on helping everyone in class learn how to defend against any threat and have a great time in the process.

This program is perfect for families across Waterbury and Prospect and offers: 

  • New drills and lessons every week 
  • Partner exercises for you and your family
  • Incredible support and motivation
  • A safe, ego-free environment where everyone can have fun

PLUS, Your Child Will Be Surrounded By A Great Group Of Role Models

There's truly no better way to introduce your child to valuable life skills like respect, discipline, and self-confidence than by setting an example for them firsthand. 

That's exactly what our Family Martial Arts program is offering.

We're helping our young students see what well-rounded character skills look like by learning alongside all the adults in class. Our students quickly learn how to:

  • Focus on every detail
  • Respect others in any situation
  • Maintain discipline and body control
  • Persevere through every challenge we put in front of you

Start A New Family Tradition Today With Our Family Martial Arts Classes In Prospect!

We are proud to serve families all across Waterbury and Prospect and we can't wait for you to come see everything we have to offer. Join us today for the best Family Martial Arts training in town and have a great time learning alongside your loved ones.

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