Are there high quality martial arts classes near me?

Are there high quality martial arts classes near me?

Are there high quality martial arts classes near me?

Well, let me tell you a little bit about what Prospect Martial Arts Martial Arts & Fitness in Prospect, Ct has to offer...

Prospect Martial Arts (World Tang Soo Do Assoc) is a Martial Arts and Fitness Organization Founded in Prospect, CT in 2013 and is directed by Eric and Kellee Levesque -- a dynamic husband and wife team that remains dedicated to serving the local community by teaching the benefits of martial arts, physical fitness and healthy living in this modern era.

What do we Teach?

  • An Intelligent Approach to Healthy Living

  • Enhance Balance, Coordination & Flexibility

  • A Useful Blend of Strength & Mobility

  • Control of Mind and Body through Self-discipline

  • Increased Vitality through Ancient Breathing Systems

  • Greater Self Confidence Through Personal Discovery

Why Choose us?

We help your child with focus, self-discipline, self-confidence, better grades, self-control, leadership, resilience and better behavior at home and school.

We help your child improve their coping skills with ADD/ADHD or social interaction skills with peers, teachers and other adults.

We ensure this is a safe place for your children to come together, share a common experience and cooperate and collaborate more with less squabbling and fighting.

We've created a community that will help your child cope and overcome the stigma and trauma of being bullied.

This is a place where your children can build their character by practicing respect, humility, honesty, determination, compassion, resilience, service and collaboration, all with a growth mindset.

Our Martial Arts classes may finally be the sport that your child truly enjoys and embraces as their own because they have struggled to find their own way with team sports.

We help your child to discover the value and importance of hard work, self-discipline, commitment to excellence and the pursuit of goals which build their self-confidence and resilience.

Yes, to one or two of these? Great, then you and our current children and families already have some things in common! 

Not to mention...

  • Highly Experienced Instructors

  • 20 Years of combined Experience

  • 6 Years serving Prospect and surrounding cities.

  • State of the Art, Clean, Fully Equipped Facilities

  • You Can Try a Class for Free!

Martial Arts & Fitness Programs Offered:

  • Korean Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do)

  • Summer Camp Program

  • Personal Training

Getting Started is Easy!

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2 - Sign up for one of our Risk-Free Web Specials
3 - Set up a FREE One-on-One Orientation and get started on your trial!

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