Prospect Martial Arts Reviews

Prospect Martial Arts Jodi Berardi Sandora

Master Lavesque is wonderful with all of his students. I have watched him the 5 year olds and have seen him work with adults as well. He has the patience of a saint with the littles. The kids love him and respect him as well as the rest of his staff. I am so glad we chose PMA.

Jodi Berardi Sandora

Prospect Martial Arts Ralph Anderson

Outstanding. So much talent and genuine care for teaching the art. Very happy with every aspect of Prospect Martial Arts.

Ralph Anderson

Prospect Martial Arts Melissa Saviello

Mr. Levesque is by far one of the most patient, understanding, incredible and all around amazing instructor and person. He gets through to the kids so naturally. PMA is highly recommended and I still can’t get how far our son has come in just one short year. Thank you Eric and Kellee for sharing your love of Tang Soo with us!!

Melissa Saviello

Prospect Martial Arts Chris Royer-Cipriano

Love the encouragement given to all the students and the happy environment!

Chris Royer-Cipriano

Prospect Martial Arts Dina Topcu

You won’t find a more caring, patient, and professional place than here at Prospect Martial Arts. Eric and his wife Kellee are just phenomenal people who have put their heart and soul into this business and it shines through to every. single. class. We have been fortunate enough to be a part of this family for almost 3 years, and we look forward to the years to come!

Dina Topcu

Prospect Martial Arts Christine Sedita

This is an amazing place to register your children. He makes martial arts fun for the younger kids. Kids and adults love his classes, he's such a big part of our community. I highly recommend registering your kids on the prospect Parks and Rec page for his classes.

Christine Sedita

Prospect Martial Arts Al Graziano

You can’t say enough great things about this school! One of the warmest and safest environments you could ever want your children to be in. No child is left out and thought and care is given to every single student! There’s no where better to learn responsibility, discipline, and integrity! But more than a school it’s a family. Always taking care of each other and supporting one another. If your looking for a martial arts school for your children or even yourself then look no further because you won’t find one like it!

Al Graziano

Prospect Martial Arts Joe Cho

Eric is the best instructor all around. A great family experience, and truly a wonderful place to really see everyone in the family develop.

Joe Cho

Prospect Martial Arts Dede Spragg

PMA has become like a second family to us. Mr Levesque is a phenomenal instructor. His patience, dedication, and understanding to all of his students is amazing. The way he teaches is truly inspiring. My son has come such a long way since he started a year ago. I could never thank you all enough for all you have done for us. We love you Eric, Kellee, and everyone else in our PMA family

Dede Spragg

Prospect Martial Arts Kelly Marie Miller

PMA is like family. The same things we teach our kids at home are reinforced by Mr. Levesque honor, respect, discipline. I like what my kids are doing so much I decided to join as well.

Kelly Marie Miller

Prospect Martial Arts Sandra Miguez-Fernandes

Master Levesque is a wonderful mentor! My son and daughter have learned so much and really enjoy going to class. Prospect Martial Arts is a family friendly place where you will meet wonderful, caring people. Master Levesque puts his heart and soul into every class. He genuinely cares about each individual student both inside the dojo and out.

Sandra Miguez-Fernandes

Prospect Martial Arts Ashley Mestuzzi

Mr Levesque is an amazing instructor to all of his students. He takes the time to individually work with every student to motivate them. The most patient and caring instructor by far. Our kids love going to class.

Ashley Mestuzzi

Prospect Martial Arts Jessica Jo

This is the BEST martial arts studio you can ever attend. Master's Levesque have such a wonderful way with children. They foster family, friendship, honor, and respect. You cannot go wrong!!

Jessica Jo

Prospect Martial Arts Laurie Ann

Great school and instructors! Very Positive atmosphere and environment for learning!

Laurie Ann

Prospect Martial Arts Christopher Jackson

Great place. Eric is awesome with the kids. Try it out.

Christopher Jackson

Prospect Martial Arts Rebecca Schultz

My son loves the class and he has improved so much mentally and physically! Would recommend to anybody!

Rebecca Schultz

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